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Let's just get after it.

Hello cute people! Are you ready for a cute little tutorial? We are right in the middle of the Sweetie Pie Sew Along and today I'm going to show you a fun little project.

This is the last of my dock sketches. While I was in Florida recently something cool happened. Early one morning I was awakened up by a loud thrashing. I went down to the dock and noticed someone splashing in the water. They seemed to be in a panic. I thought maybe a kid had fallen in. Then I realized it was a big dolphin that had swum up the canal. It was chasing fish close to the dock and trapping them. I was witnessing a feeding frenzy. A groovy thing to be awaken to. A few years ago I decided to start a new tradition with my family for St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to make traditional Irish soda bread - and my reward for my efforts would be the retired silver clover charm for my True Colours bracelet. But on the evening of St. With my emotional state already ramped up by the argument, I was overwhelmed with my feelings of frustration with the kids, and on the verge of having a panic attack. At that time I hadn't really learned about distress tolerance or emotion regulation, but at least I removed myself from the situation until I could calm down.

Not long after, my daughter came upstairs and said, "Mommy, can we still make the bread?" She always reminds me to be resilient.

She must also be lucky because she found three four-leaf clover before she was ten! Taylor has always been quite shy, and she is often cautious when given the chance to try something new. Lediglich drei Jahreszahlen stehen im Text einer Fülle von relativen Zeitangaben gegenüber, die den Verlauf der Ereignisse zu diesen Jahresangaben in Beziehung setzen. Wenn man – wie in der Forschung üblich – die Jahresangaben auf die Zeit der Handlung bezieht, lässt sich keine Übereinstimmung mit den übrigen Zeitangaben erzielen. Der entscheidende Neuansatz dieser Studie besteht demgegenüber in der Hypothese, dass zwei der Jahreszahlen die Entstehungszeit des Berichts über die Handlung markieren. Damit lässt sich die Stimmigkeit des gesamten Zeitgerüsts erweisen und zugleich eine innovative Interpretation mit Blick auf die fiktive Erzählstrategie begründen. Heathcliff. A Menza Quartara. una ghiotta occasione per gustare prelibatezze, prodotti sani e genuini, preparati dalle sapienti mani del nostro chef e del nostro pizzaiolo, in una location unica. nella quiete di Quattropani. . Moncrief, nicknamed Super Sid, told the students about his NBA days. He went from playing professional basketball to coaching it. Now, he uses his passion to coach people and inspire them to achieve greatness. "I used to get into trouble when I was younger," the Milwaukee Bucks legend explained. "But once I got to high school, I found my calling, which was basketball.

We were at Circus World when I got a call from Mr.

On their arrival, the Press People staged this shot of "Anna May" and the episodes Guest Star, Keenan Wynn checking into the Hotel. Frank Ellis somehow got a bunch of Pith Helmets and handed them out.

Here am I at his place in Hugo posing with one of his Pit Show display boards.

Packing up some love today to gift to a dear friend. Using my coffee valentines to grace her package. We all need to love on and lift each other up. Even on days when it's not Valentine's day. Robert Price is an apostate, atheist, and mythicist, so I disagree with how he introduces this post, but what he says about secular humanism is instructive, as an insider to the movement:. And I so wanted feral sons Uday and Qusay to die fighting against Russia for Montenegro. Durante il suo pontificato che durò solo quattro anni, non infierirono tanto le persecuzioni contro la Chiesa, ma sorsero due eresie che non erano certo da preferirsi ad una persecuzione. Si crede che Sant' Igino non abbia subìto il martirio, ma tuttavia sia stato annoverato fra i martiri, per le persecuzioni che ebbe a sopportare nel tempo del suo pontificato. Fu sepolto in Vaticano accanto al Principe degli Apostoli.


can Iraq go on as long as it wants with out RVing. But I don't think they will. We are indeed heading to that elusive finish line. It is a slog. Many years ago, I read a quote from Patricia Wells, one of my fave cookbook authors. She said something about you have to just sit there and do it because if you don't, it will not get done. As my Farmer says, half the battle of success is just showing up. I'm hoping I can finish by end of next week. Fingers crossed. I have a little ritual I do when I write. PlaytimeCares. To field the many questions to my whereabouts, my incognito living is due to one simple factor. The factor in question is a matter of the heart. I was remarried and living some crucial honeymoon time! PlayTime is back, and I will get back to giving my two cents on many matters, as well as finding funny things to tickle your funny bone. I will attempt to make my videos shorter as well. Thank you once again for your patience with my adjustment period, and thanks for sticking with PlayTime. Hi ADFD Friends, We have a bittersweet announcement for you today. However, ADFD IS NOT going away. If you aren't a member, we hope you will consider joining us! At this point, the blog will remain a source for inspiration. What better way to do that than a BLOG HOP with PRIZES, so let's get to the details!! Today is the first day of our ADFD Blog Hop - a celebration of all of the beautiful images Tammy has created over the years. Do you love and adore someone so much you want to send them some snailmail LOVE? Well, if you picked up January's Paper Pumpkins Adoring Arrows then you received the kit above to make some sweet looking treats to give away. But if you ever get your kit and find that it's use doesn't fit your need then scroll down! Here are some other great ways to get creative with your kit and still send some LOVE. You can create a treat bag and fill it with chocolates. everything is in your kit to make this treat bag Need a card to send? You can make this card from your kit, just use a scallop punch or any other punch for the doily in the center. Now that I have given you some alternatives for your kit you can open and create away!. Going through old photographs brings back to life those I have lost. It doesn't make me sad, rather it reminds me of happy moments and gives me a sense of connection. I like to collect vintage photo albums too, when I can find them. This one, although very vintage, was just like new when I found it.

I imagine that the previous owner had it stored away in a closet and meant to use it, but never did.

It's a sweet leather album with a floral motif and edged in woven leather lacing.

The pages inside are black paper and I was able to find some of those old fashioned photo corners.

While on the subject of nostalgia, I still love my Charles Faudree decorating books.

A remarkable photograph.

F. I. G. C. had refused to reschedule the play off, which clashed with Pro Vercelli's prior arrangement to play in a tournament. Pro Vercelli's response was to field the youth side, who reportedly indulged in some dirty play. efletcher. co. uk.

Yes, I have changed the name again.

but it's a finished quilt top, at least! Life as been a bit of a roller coaster while this was being pieced. Here are some of the last blocks I made. before I put all this craziness together! Here are some shots of it finished. The Living Wage!!? All the failures, The Soviet Union, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, North Korea, and a latest socialist state to hit the wall, Venezuela, currently said to be in possession of untold wealth in oil reserves, tried to use state dictate to make it work. An arbitrary hourly rate in excess of twenty dollars an hour is being promoted under Alice In Wonderland idiotic freekinomics, from Charlie Waldegrave, yet the cost in money, jobs, and social degradation has rarely been addressed in any analysis. The exception that could have proved the truth came when Wellington City Council moved to embrace the crass stupidity with an old labour tusker voting for it while admitting he could not pay those same wage levels in his food outlet as it would destroy the viability of his business. Nobody noticed it seems.

Of course such negativity did not transfer to his support for the WCC with its fallback to ratepayer funding deficits, for councilors who were never going to have to confront such inconvenient economic reality, spending other peoples money.

However the increasing acts of economic sabotage are increasing in numbers where those seeking to impress can pay for it with OPMs Of course it is no secret that McDonald's fast food chain is looking to eliminate its lower paid staff with increasing use of robots. Well, yes and no. Mr. Trump has said. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS . Our ancestors lived with and sometimes died of conditions and diseases that no longer plague us, thanks to medical advances. .