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I've got tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, parsley and basil going so far, plan to do more. The brick walkway runs along the north side of the house and I have concentrated the majority of vintage pieces and small pots all along here. I had a huge pile of giveaways that my friend Paula came and rescued. It's generally rare that I want to write against an atheist, but here is a case where someone I really like, Hemant Mehta, gets things really wrong in a way that's damaging to how atheists are perceived. Dennis Prager put out another one of his shitty Prager University videos that is just a conservative hack going through a presentation of the moral argument for god's existence. Hemant tries to give a takedown of the argument and he mangles it - badly. This in itself isn't really noteworthy - lots of atheists fuck up responding to apologetic arguments. I've done it tons of times. 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If there is a trade war I assure you we should.

READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS . Unbelievers are skeptical about the Gospels. However, I'd like to consider a limiting case. Take dreams.

At best, dreams are at least one step removed from reality.

Indeed, we usually classify what we experience in dreams to be a paradigm case of something imaginary–in contrast to what we experience when we're awake. Philosophers use dreams as paradigm-examples of illusion. Some researchers classify dreams as hallucinations. The Dresden attack became famous because it caused a firestorm and killed a large number of civilians, many of them refugees fleeing from the Russian armies that were overrunning Pomerania and Silesia. It caused some people in Britain to question the morality of continuing the wholesale slaughter of civilian populations when the War was almost over. Some of us were sickened by Sir Arthur's unrelenting ferocity. But our feelings of revulsion after the Dresden attack were not widely shared. The British public at that time still had bitter memories of World War I, when German armies brought untold misery and destruction to other people's countries, but German civilians never suffered the horrors of war in their own homes. .