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Sunair's new timetable has just appeared on the website. At present Sunair operates the doctor's flight between Whangarei and Kaitaia. Other changes from Sunair's new timetable include the removal of Whakatane and North Shore as destinations. GDOW. Check out what they are doing now. The Squatch Master relates a story of his scariest bigfoot encounter that happened in the same area where he spotted a young one hiding in the weeds. Here's something fun you can do with your kids. Learn how to draw a cartoon style bigfoot! Step by step instructions. Check it out:. Traditional publishing was still the only path to publication, and literary agents were the principal gatekeepers.

Upfront fees, editing referral schemes, vanity publishing scams: the list was endless.

No more.

With the enormous growth of small presses and the expanding number of self-publishing options, agents are no longer the be-all and end-all of a writing career, and fewer writers decide to seek them. Gov. Greg Abbott has declared six Texas Panhandle counties disaster areas following deadly wildfires. A statement from Abbott says Texas officials have asked the U. S. Department of Agriculture for a disaster designation to activate the agency's emergency loan program. The funds would be used to help eligible farmers and ranchers rebuild and recover from losses sustained by the wildfires. Students at one Dallas County school will be offered a free booster shot because of a mumps outbreak. The health department is also looking into nine other cases.

Workers will set up a clinic at the school Friday to offer students and staff free booster shots.

A Fort Bliss woman was jailed, accused of shooting her husband because she did not want him to divorce her, according to court documents. Arely Bridgette Ruiz is currently being held without bond, jail records show. According to court documents, Ruiz took her husband, Luis Manuel Beltran to William Beaumont Medical Center last Thursday. Ruiz told hospital staff that her husband had shot himself. Texas Sized Barbeque Grills Beltran told investigators that he was sitting on the edge of the bathtub in the bathroom cleaning his sandals when he heard a bang and felt pain. Beltran noticed that he had been shot and fell into the bathtub, court documents state. Beltran said he tried to crawl out of the bathtub when he noticed Ruiz standing over him, pointing a gun toward him. Beltran told investigators that he begged her not to shoot him again. Ruiz continued to point the gun at him and then pushed him back into the bathtub, according to court documents. Source:.

Some people are so kind.

This here was left at the local Post Office for JG and his future brother to play with. Thanks so much, Larry. Not Hiding Aware but not aware, not really hiding. This place we go behind invisible walls, to hide. I think she was more waiting, than hiding. Another sketch from a session with "EL" yesterday. "Hand Shake". I really wanted to make a tutorial easy enough that anyone can do it. Lets be honest, no everyone can blend, not everyone can afford sephora makeup. I wanted to make it realistic. I think i do a good job of making this easy enough for everyone. "E' stato per me un onore incontrare dei veri cultori delle isole Eolie, che con i lori studi e la loro passione riescono a trasmettere l'amore per la propria terra, una terra meravigliosa, che molti di noi hanno visitato o da cui provengono. Sofia Bollini. So tell the enemy alien to take his hive mind and get lost. A thorough understanding and agreement with founding intent on that and on the Bill of Rights ought to be a requirement, for would-be citizens, and I'd argue, for visitors. He says no. But lots of people are discussing openly the possibility of the Democratic party nominating a non-politician for the office of President. The underlying logic would be that the president needs to represent the people, but he/she doesn't need to be an expert on law, or war or economics or education.

Michael Moore was the first person I heard who advocated this change, speaking just a week after Donald Trump was elected: Moore, speaking on CNN's State of the Union show, said the leadership vacuum that will result from the departures of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would best be filled by a well-liked celebrity.

"Why don't we run beloved people? We have so many of them.

" Moore continued: "Why don't we run somebody that the American people love and are really drawn to, and that are smart and have good politics and all that?" A CNN article discusses the possibility of Oprah Winfrey campaigning for the presidency.

I always wanted this toy but back then, had to put my budget on other Yamato's stuffs like Macross. Finally made up my mind on getting it during recent Tokyo otaku trip. I also managed to get a loose Garland and could now display both in different modes. I practically had little idea of this mecha anime before owning the toy and only started watching the OVA movies on YouTube after I returned from my trip. Honestly, I like the concept of transformable motorcycle aka Maneuver-Craft mode to robot aka Maneuver-Slave Mode with ultra cool blue visor head. Kind of reminded me of the Mospeada's charm.

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Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and why not add the trend to your stampin? Just take a blank piece of white cardstock and some black ink and a line art stamp set of your choice. Start stamping the images randomly all over the front of the cards. I used a Aqua painter to add just a touch of color to the flowers and the bumble bee. The other card is how it looks before you color it. I used the Happy framelit and adhered it to the front of the card. Take a look at your stamps sets and give this a whirl.

The more of a line art design the better.

Then just fill it in with a little bit of color. There are a couple of new things happening around the cottage. First of all, as you may notice, I removed the chintz slip covers from the chairs and ottoman in the area we lovingly call, our library. They needed to be laundered and when I pulled them off I thought to myself, why not keep them off? I put the slipcovers on when we first moved in primarily because of Bentley since he is not fond of leather. As you can see in this photo, the slips give the room a different look. I like them both ways, and since I am keeping the slipcovers I can always change the look whenever I want. I have to put a fleece blanket down on the chair to the right when Bentley decides he needs to nap there. Meetings were held, and suggestions discussed. Then on Valentines Day, AIF released its proposed bill to the public. There was hand-wringing and "what iffing" about the constitutional challenges to the Florida act. Here she is again - Gracie, a never-ending source of smiles and silliness. I was winding knitting cotton on my swift during the week and she was captivated by the spinning. In the photo here she's watching the cotton spin, she didn't bark or jump around, she just sat there, staring. It's been a busy week here, made a bit more difficult by the heat and humidity of mid-summer. I'm looking forward to the end of it and the cooler temperatures of autumn. I hope that wherever you are you aren't suffering with your local weather. Thanks for your visits this week. I'll see you again soon. These past couple days in ELA, Reading, and Social Studies we have been able to choose what we work on. I chose to learn and write some poems about light.

Bush chief speechwriter, senior Republican policy adviser and reliable Beltway Republican stalactite, Michael Gerson: The role of conspiracy theories has been consistently underestimated in the rise and appeal of President Trump.

No, no, no you fucking vantz.

Honestly, what the fuck is it about former Bush speechwriters that they are incapable of finishing a god damn sentence correctly? The full and correct version of the terrible thought to which Michael Gerson does not dare give voice to is: The role of conspiracy theories has been consistently underestimated in the rise and appeal of President Trump by reliable Beltway Republican stalactites like Michael Gerson.

All of us on the Left have seen this disaster bearing down on us for year and years and years. Have been sounding the alarm for year and years and years. Just the last line from the same column: Day by day, Republicans are lowering their standards of sanity to defend an administration seized by conspiracy thinking. If they do not stand up to this trend, they will be defining lunacy down. The Republican Party which Mr. Gerson has served so obediently his entire adult life has been the province of depraved monsters, demagogues, imbeciles, racists and traitors for decades.

The fact that Mr.

Adopted from Taste. Add onion. Cover to keep warm. I'd like to introduce you to Freeman. Freeman appears to be a very old squirrel of the fox variety.

I guess you could say that he's the old man of the forest.