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Have you recovered from this holiday craziness? I sure hope so! Now that we've all had time to recoup from the crazy holiday season, I thought I would share a few of my favorite gifts! It's been almost a month since Christmas passed, which is more than enough time to determine what my preferred presents are and which gifts were my favorite to give. However, being the extremely anxious mother that I am, I had concerns about where to keep our firearms. The main reason I went with this particular model was the biometric fingerprint lock. You can store two users per safe – ideal for parents who want to keep their home as safe as possible while preventing access from unauthorized users.

Have you been wondering where author and bigfoot blogger, Thom Powell, has gone? Well so have we! Never fear however, Powell has returned! Well, he never really went anywhere, but his website Thomsquatch did.

Not only did Thom Powell take a hiatus from blogging but somewhere along the way the 'domain' for the thomsquatch blog expired. Thus began a protracted and high frustrating process of recovering the domain name and reconnecting it to this web address. . Bit smaller than yesterday too. Na een drukke periode vol interieur inspiratie in Zweden en Duitsland vandaag weer eens wat foto's van mijn woonkamer! Onze vernieuwde woonkamer eigenlijk. want tijdens de kerstvakantie zijn we begonnen met klussen en het opfrissen van ons huis. Omdat we niet zo'n hele ruime woonkamer hebben en onze houten lockerkast naar de opgeknapte kamer van onze zoon zou verhuizen, was ik al een tijd aan het kijken voor een stijlvolle hangende wandkast waardoor de kamer ook wat ruimer zou ogen en we toch redelijk veel opbergruimte zou hebben. And still has a lousy signal but I've noted that on numerous occasions. I finally got around to transforming a couple of sweatshirts into cardigans.

I have some really old cardigans with pockets that I have worn to death but can't find replacements so I decided to make them.

My article in Seams And Scissors has start to finish instructions: I hope to get more made but don't have a clue when that will be. Maybe if I run on to a super sale on sweatshirts. If you find a sale, please let me know. May the joy of crafting be upon you Carolyn Wainscott. She also added white fans by drawing a green border with a marker on white cardstock. I hope you've been inspired to decorate for St. Patrick's Day even if you're not entertaining. In this gripping, atmospheric family drama, a young woman investigates the forty­-year­-old murder that inspired her mother's bestselling novel, and uncovers devastating truths—and dangerous lies. Centotrentunesima puntata. m. All of their belongings were lost in the fire as well. m.

, happened on Windrock Street off Rockwell Road in Randall County.

Flames and smoke could be seen from beyond the highway as the blaze burned three structures, including the home.

Several agencies responded to the fire, which continued to spread due to high wind gusts.

Have you seen the February KOTM yet? It's amazing! It's called Unexpected Places. I decided to make a tag using the globe and a sentiment: I used Tim Holtz tag dies to cut the tag out of patterned paper by Jane Davenport. I colored the globe, cut it out and added with dimensional dots.

Be sure to check out the all the details about subscribing to the KOTM on the website here!.

In a last ditch effort, to save the limb, they tried a painful cold water treatment. That experience, eventually, led her to develop a passion for swimming under frozen lakes, just holding her breath. A Finnish woman swims in a frozen lake to treat her broken leg. The Barbarians overcame this Roman province of Africa later in the century. Christianity was wiped out. In this case at least Tertullian's saying that the blood of martyrs is the seed of the church was inapplicable. The retrenchment of Rome from its outer provinces, the division of the empire into two halves centred on Rome and Constantinople, accentuated the importance of Rome in the West, and this was underlined by the Crusades, leading to the Holy Roman Empire of which you and I are heirs. The rest is history. It is a massive, meandering work, full of learning and argument, but rather higgledy-piggledy on first inspection. The book is about the nature of Rome, its destiny as a city, and the contrast with the city of God.

It is of interest to us as providing indicators of Augustine's mature thinking of the Roman empire, and of its place in the history of salvation.

Finally, ROM bit order was swapped around until it disassembled relatively cleanly. Enjoy!. Marilyn K. sent me pictures from the Farm Girl BOM held at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. This BOM is wrapping up this month. Above is Marilyn's lovely quilt top. Marilyn and Sue C. hosted this BOM. They will be starting a new BOM in May. It will be from the book El's Attic. Above is Sue with her quilt top. And this is Julie B. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Laughing kookaburras usually lay three eggs that hatch asynchronously. Brood reduction occurs in nearly half of all broods and always affects the youngest nestling. In most cases, the youngest nestling is killed within a few days of hatching by aggressive attacks from its older siblings. These mechanistically and temporally distinct episodes of brood reduction were associated with very different patterns of growth in the senior nestlings. These differences in nestling growth may have longer-term fitness consequences, because kookaburra fledging weight is positively associated with both juvenile survival and successful recruitment into the breeding population. Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. We didn't think we would be here tonight. If anything it suppose to have been a pre-recorded celebration call. I want everybody that wants to be able to watch the President Trump's speech tonight. Bruce: Concerning the President's speech tonight. We are believing from what I understand the President himself may make a reference of the liberation of Mosul. It has been liberated, and they have had major success in that. Iraq is rocking and rolling now. I also believe there will be some description of a tax plan, description of a replacement of Obama care, and also a couple of surprises in his speech tonight. I don't know what they are. We will have to see what they are. THE END TO THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD IS NOW IN SIGHT. MANY FOUND COURAGE TO PREPARE THEM FOR GODS' WORK AHEAD. OTHERS IMPROVED THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF GLOBAL FINANCES PREPARING THEM FOR THE PROPER CARE OF THEIR FINANCIAL PRINCIPLE. STILL, OTHERS NEEDED SPIRITUAL LUBRICATION TO PREPARE THEIR SPIRITS FOR THE WORK AHEAD BACK IN THEIR KANSAS.

Embed from Getty Images.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Well that is exactly what happened today. Our friend Aiofe and her mum Tracey asked if we could acknowledge St Patrick's day because it is apart of Aiofe's culture. That was not the only reason we celebrated St Patricks today, we also wanted to acknowledge all our families that also have Irish heritage. Forty-five years ago today, David Bowie released "Changes" as a single. Horchow Chair from Pinterest This lovely cane back chair with blue-grey paint and gilded accents captured the essence of what I hoped my silvery grey chairs could aspire to. although my chairs are not as fancy, it is the "essence" that was the plan. Adding some dimension with stain over the cane backs, and then gilding the decorative details became an afternoon's project. Her music has stood the test of time. It would have been very easy for the delightful pop singer behind "Please Mr. Instead, she chose to continue creating, to use her acclaim for the greater good in other areas like cancer research, and yes, to keep those early songs alive, not as nostalgia, but as timeless gems that new generations need to hear. And as hard work and good fortune have it, the voice behind them is still strong, still distinctive, still unmistakably Olivia. UGH. can't let busy-ness of live get in the way too much. As far as you went with it. It seemed to me, Bruce's Gov't bond repetition taking up most of the call notes, he wasted a lot of people's time, sucking up to those who desire most to be sucked up to. I have long said that Bruce's most outstanding feature is that he continually finds ways to take two paragraphs to say what could be easily said in a short, effective sentence. If they're lucky. Bruce is very proud of his international audience of bankers, movers and shakers in addition to us wee Dinarians and GCR hopefuls. He mentions it every call. Perhaps he imagines himself one day sitting at the elbow of some benevolent and faithful caliphate. Hard to say.

Rather, it is a mere perception by those wholack adequate knowledge of the Open Education system.

For the purpose of education, let me set the record straight once andfor all, National Open University has never been a part timeinstitution, it has never ran a part program, neither would it everrun any part time programme. .