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It will get posted when I finish it.

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They would have known.

DHS now says the same thing. No hacking. The FBI and the Democrat politicians, along with a few Republicans still claim it happened. A few more weeks of utterly humiliating public fucker-uppery, people laughing at his unhinged declarations.


Gerry Conway's script for "Rampage!" ain't too shabby either, with cool REH-esque villains and lots of action. Esordienti Basket EolieFine settimana appena trascorso positivo per la Basket Eolie. Biviano" per supportare i propri atleti. Timoteo e Tito non erano israeliti, non appartenevano al Popolo eletto.

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MASSIVE NEWS: Trump's AMAZING Plan to DESTROY Soros Just Leaked… HE IS DONE! One of Trump's best friends did a Q&A on Reddit and provided a rare glimpse into President Trump's plans.