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Mine is green and black, but, basically, the same.

I have a teacher's day tomorrow, so will be able to catch up on grading and entry. I showed a movie today The Martian - quite educational, and right in line with what we had been doing in class:Gas laws The importance of water, and it's use as a solvent My physics class will be working on - Work and Energy. Which I don't have much of today. Well, not every day - but today, yes. Share. The form to nominate can be accessed through this link. Named for one of PCACAC's most outstanding members, the Marion Flagg Scholarship is awarded annually to a group of exceptional educational professionals who are not currently members of PCACAC and who have not previously attended a PCACAC conference. This scholarship specifically targets counselors who work with historically underserved students, minority students or students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Scholarship recipients will be asked to confirm their attendance at the conference if selected. 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Two things about Indiana before we fly on to Kansas: After the retreat on Saturday wound down, Paul took me out to eat at Das Dutchman's Essen Haus which features not only good food and bustling waitresses in kappa but also bottles of Amish peanut butter spread, right at your table. I had already ordered the buffet before I discovered this. Had I known, I might have simply ordered a plate of bread or buns and stuffed myself with homemade bread covered with the sticky goodness known as Amish peanut butter, and left happy and satisfied. Do you not know what I'm talking about, you poor neglected worldly person? Amish peanut butter spread is a mixture of creamy peanut butter, marshmallow creme, corn syrup, fairy dust, and the sweet nectar of magic flowers grown in the gentle shade of grandmotherly trees. It is served at the noon meal on Sundays, when church is finally over and the backless benches are set on little sawhorsey racks and cleverly transformed into tables spread with plates of bread and pickles and bologna and bowls of peanut butter. All the moms sit around the table. You are so hungry and you stand behind your mom because she is the mom and you are the kid, just like all kids over toddler age stand behind their moms, and she spreads a slice of bread with Amish peanut butter spread and folds it in half and hands it back to you, and you bite into the sweet softness of it and everything in the world is ok for that moment. .