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Railway yard lumber stack. Photo by I.


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It finally recovered albeit a little dizzy.

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Democratic Socialists make headway in U. S. O. aratexoilgas. After the evaluation of these documents, we found you qualified to work with our Team. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Are you going to be at PlannerCon USA in March? If you are, I am giving away a paid for ticket to the Plannerology event as a gift from Philofaxy to one lucky person. 'Why would you do that Steve?' If you listen back to the podcasts over the last year you might have detected that slowly but surely Karine has been working on helping me make better use of my own planner. So the lucky winner will be one of the few not the many. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"Do not fear mistakes. There are none. " - Miles Davis Frosted white and oh so bright as again we are presented with sunshine and cold temps.

Continually fading NW swells keep the options thinly veiled and present in minute amounts.

The habitual attendee, in search of their daily stoke injection, will surely find what they seek. The overwhelming beauty of the day is the X factor and is not to be overlooked.

Sand is being re-deposited daily and the beach is rounding back into fine form.

CHANNEL: The devil is in the details and at first glance they may escape initial observation.

Note the wide open and inviting beach.

Place muslin fabric over a copy paper butterfly image. Using a mechanical pencil trace the butterfly outline and any large details onto the fabric. It wasn't on purpose with the first three. I also love it because this is my favorite of all of the baby stages. They are so sweet and snuggly and squishy. I LOVE looking at these! And I love looking at their measurements. The girls are all SO similar! They are all right there together in a little pack. And then there's Jay.

This was their gift to humanity also signifying the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

We're told all security and banking assets were mobilized and are right now in "jump position" on high readiness alert status. I believe, but, I do not know. I believe, that you have a great heart! But, I do have a question. "Thank You ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love for creating us in ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love. zenfolio. The accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charge. Upon their plea, counsel to the EFCC, Onjefu Obe, asked the court for a date to present his witnesses and for the accused to be remanded in prison custody pending trial. Last night, the Velvet Underground received a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement. " I won't call this "Fake News," but it is wrong. Nazi agents and collaborators soon overran the city looking to capitalize on the new Vichy regime. Meanwhile, Jewish refugees from Europe flooded the city, hoping to obtain visas to the United States and beyond. In Allied hands, Casablanca's port became a crucial logistical hub in British and American plans to return to Europe and defeat Germany. Two months later, Roosevelt and Churchill traveled to Casablanca to plot the next phase of war and achieve Germany's "unconditional surrender. A few summers ago, Lauren and I were introduced to Andi and the Circle C Ranch books written by Susan K. Marlow. Although Lauren enjoyed me reading Tales from the Circle C Ranch to her, we had not added more Andi books to our library. It seemed like the beginning readers in the Circle C Beginnings series were too easy for her and the chapter books in the Circle C Adventures were still a bit too difficult. Recently, Kregel Publications and Susan K. This series is designed to be a bridge between the Beginnings and Adventures books about Andi.

We read both Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top.

SAFEELECTRICALSUPPLY King James Bible But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Blogging was slow last week but that doesn't mean there weren't quite a few items in the news which merited Grits readers' attention. Here are a few of them: Medical neglect at TDCJ espied after prisoner death Alton Rogers died of head trauma in an Amarillo prison unit about a year ago after his cellmate slammed his head into the concrete.

But autopsy results and medical records revealed he was extremely malnourished and significant medical problems had long been neglected by TDCJ which also contributed to his death.

The Intercept has excellent coverage of this story. Tyler mayor to run B&B for racially profiled black men Heisman trophy winning running back Ricky Williams was stopped by cops in my hometown of Tyler earlier this month and questioned in an exchange caught on police dashcam. .