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Article: "Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again" Seems pretty clear that the author/economists want to raise the value gradually like we have stated over and over.

The good news is they say they expect it to start once ISIL is gone.

Quote: "The government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of military operations.

VP Pence meets with Abadi in Munich & PM adviser of Abadi in Wash DC holds talks at the same time. There was so much covered that I will expand on later in separate posts. The "Problem" is that when you think about the RV, you feel let down, and that creates "Opposing" energy to it going. Article: "The battle for Mosul: I have never seen such hard fighting like this" Daesh has lost half the city so far. There is no hope they will regain it. The UN came out of a security briefing just yesterday with a time-line in their heads. There is a transdimensional war going on far beyond most people's ability to perceive. From an enlightened perspective, Trump is the right person for the job and has the backing of the Higher Dimensionals.

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