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The remaining singers were most TVB contract singers.

When announcing Cheng Yun Yi's GODDESS won, host Lok Wing mistakenly said that she won the Gold Song Gold Prize. Fresh out of the oven television Best Actor Chan Chin Pang won a Gold Song award with the series BROTHER'S KEEPER II theme song WHO CAN CHANGE, but he received jeers. bitsandpieces. With her cordless mic on, classroom lights dimmed and disco lights spinning, biology teacher Arlevia Davis is all set to do her lesson review. To the tune of a popular hip-hop song, she starts singing one of her latest creations, which teaches about DNA. "With the expenses of materials, you can't always get the hands-on labs," said Davis, who is in her third year of teaching at Legacy High School. "So I decided that I should start writing songs for the large amount of vocabulary that exists in the content area just to keep it fun and exciting and interesting.

Davis tells her class to recall her song lyrics as they answer science questions.

Happy Valentines Day friends! Hope you have day filled with love. Iron Jaw. "Anna May" getting aboard. This lady is another Ai image that is fun to paper piece. her dress is perfect for it and so easy to do! I decided to put her in a black & white dress and let the cake and her accessories be pops of color. Have a great day and… happy stamping! InLinkz. The Saturday group of the Happy Scrappers met recently at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Above, Adrienne shows us her finished project.

I think I may have taken her an hour.

This is a close up of Adrienne's bag.

If you would like for Diana to teach you how to make them, give the shop a call. Several different sizes are included in this one pattern. Adrienne, who rarely uses a pattern, worked on this project next. That was after she finished her low volume quilt. She sure gets a lot done! Lee Anne is working on this charm square quilt. I picked this photo up last week. At the top of the photo is some script which reads. The photo clearly shows a boy bandsman wearing the collar badges of the Middlesex Regiment and so I thought I'd try and find out who Len was. USING THEIR TECHNOLOGY. Social media is full of vitriol against one president or another. What is happening energetically, and how can we help to raise these energies to a higher level?The Collective:What is happening energetically, dear one, is nothing less than an earthquake within human consciousness. Much of this has to do with the shifts being felt astrologically at present. And Earth Herself has entered a new era, a new reality. And so you see the old regime striking out as vehemently as they can, using both mind-control technologies and the old fear-inducing measures of speaking of war, plunder, mindless destruction, loss of healthcare for millions—for the sake of chaos itself. You see the false bravado and the claims of power that are baseless or empty, and they are recognized as such by many around the world. ". Everyone have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. It is time for a Cheery Lynn Blog Hop! You should have found your way here from Lisa's beautiful blog. If at anytime you find yourself lost, just use the link above to start back at the blog. We are featuring the new IOE folders and plates. So fun and versatile. Here is my card using the Curls and Swirls Embossing folder. It was paired with the IOE rectangle plates to isolate the design. I also used the God Bless die for my sentiment. I added both the Gardenia and the Chrysanthemum strip die set.

Your next stop along the hop is Bonnie's beautiful blog.

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