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Then there are projects I didn't put on the list …like taxes.

February is almost over and it is discouraging that I am not able to cross some things off my list…and this next week is real busy with dental appointments and a medical procedure for Far Guy.

The solar lights are beginning to emerge from the snowbanks.

Next summer I should put another coat of glitter on my bowling ball…it has faded in the sun…but that is a summer project. It looks like glacial ice…a beautiful blue color! It has turned colder here, and it snowed again yesterday…but not enough to shovel…which made me REAL happy. Shannon received this picture from Don Covington saying it came from one of the local newspapers regarding the current Big Apple Sale. m. Having a rough few weeks. Accepting who you are while others can't. Trying to conform to a set of norms. Having to rely on the One who never fails, and Trusting His timing is testing every bit of faith I have. God, lead to a place where Your Grace is sufficient.

Unfortunately due to the problems at Lime Street Station the presenter is unable to attend and the activation of the full capacity policy it has been decided to cancel this meeting.

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Updated Feb.

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