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I speak from a Yosef destroying his own credibility angle by continually being sooooo very wrong on verifiable facts.

NOW THAT OUR FUNDINGS ARE ASSURED WITH THE FIRST TRANSFER ENROUTE TO THE PAYMASTER, WE ARE ASSEMBLING OUR TECHNOLOGIES AND RESOURCES TO LEND A HAND WHERE IT IS NEEDED THE MOST AT THE BEGINNING. BESIDES SOME CRITICAL PROJECTS THAT HAVE TO BE STARTED IMMEDIATELY, THE SITUATION IN AFRICA HAS BEEN THE FOCUS OF OUR ATTENTION THIS PAST WEEK. hasn't been in the trenches and done their do diligence of learning. truth to fiction. I posted a post a few days ago that shows fact to assumption. Know the facts first so not to be making presumption. But only they know what will put the last peg in the hole. We are watching the result now of actions they are actively taking for the reform process. ■ MultiChoice Zimbabwe's "Free February" DStv subscription a bit of a fail. After paid-up Zimbabwe DStv subscribers were promised a month's free subscription in February in a promo, MultiChoice Zimbabwe now says it's only for randomly chosen subscribers, not for everyone. ■ Togo shuts down private TV station La Chaine du Futur. ■ Disney blames struggling sport channel ESPN for its fall in profits. As ESPN viewership continues to plunge, the sports channel that once helped pay-TV revenue is down in profits and revenue and now hurting Disney's bottom line. Innovation is what leads to differentiation. Digital is the age of innovation. From the management perspective, innovation is how to transform novel ideas to achieve its business value, and innovation is what leads to differentiation. .