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What a great idea! This would be especially meaningful if the children had the opportunity to mix their own skin-tone paint before painting with it.

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Also, trying this move to get into your jeans on an early Monday morning may cause you to get a back cramp and be found by your children, stuck, sweating and crying in your bedroom.

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JIMMY FALLON: This is kind of weird.

I noticed that President Trump didn't wear a tie to his big rally in Orlando on Saturday. I guess it was either at the cleaners or he got tired of tripping over it. He said many of them had not been plowed in hours, or at all. This, despite the streets being marked as recently cleared on PlowNYC - the city's public database that tracks which streets have been plowed.

By Danielle Andrews Long and Nicholas P.

Shapiro Professionalism, ethics, collegiality and civility in the legal profession are essential to a successful, reputable, and fulfilling career. Many lawyers, however, lose sight of these fundamental principles along the way. It is therefore important, especially as a new lawyer, to ensure that such principles are integral to your day-to-day practice from the beginning. Whether as a transactional attorney or a litigator, we are all ethically obligated to zealously represent our clients' interests.

The law is also a stressful profession.

Given these realities, it is exceedingly easy to lose track of our equally important responsibilities to each other and to the bar, especially when those around us may be losing track. We cannot lose sight of the importance of interacting with our fellow attorneys with courtesy, dignity and respect, and honoring our obligations as officers of the court.

It's been so mild and we have had so much rain that my grass is green.

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