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GBC 21533 Swing Clip Clear Front Report Cover - Letter - 8.50"" Width x 11"" Length Sheet Size - 30 Sheet Capacity - 1 Fastener - Poly - Black Clear - 1 Each

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I'll still have fun, laugh my ass off occasionally and delight to the lemmings who continue to troll me.

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Side note: post was supposed to go out early release to backers but accidentally went to general release.

We apologize to the backers, but it got a lot of attention in the short time that it was out, so we think it is best at this point to just keep it out there. We'll fix this for future posts. Bond wires are in general disarray and the die is dirty: However, no obvious silicon damage. After ultrasonic clean: This allowed a closer inspection under a higher power microscope that also revealed no damage. Start by rebuilding leadframe. What remains to be seen is if the Trump administration will let them get away with it. L'anziano, prima ancora che venisse aperto il bagagliaio dell'autovettura su cui viaggiava, ha confessato di trasportare dello stupefacente. G. Public safety demands such reptiles be identified so they can be avoided. I've really enjoyed colouring these little clover leaves, it makes a nice change from flowers and gives the green markers a good workout too. I've made one card for luck and one for good old mischievousness! Stamps: Irish Blessings. For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read . In this short clip there is a description of Joseph's empty tomb in Egypt. "Ah, now eventually you do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?"It is one of Jeff Goldblum's best lines in Jurassic Park. And I could hear its echo today. Our port stop was Akaroa, another of New Zealand's tidy little towns with lots of character and very few services. For services, you need to get your feet over to Christchurch, the largest city on the south island. Yup. The city with the earthquake history. Just an hour away by coach. Last night I decided it might be interesting to see some wildlife while I am in New Zealand. And to improve my chances of seeing something living, I booked a zoo trip. Embed from Getty Images. Multimedia artist Mike Mills belongs to the breed of film-makers who scrutinize and fictionalize their personal memories to weave an insightful study of familial connections.

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Woody Allen and Frederico Fellini are some of the great film-makers who had plundered their past to offer meditative, bittersweet movie experience.

This week we wanted to celebrate friendships and inspire you to create a project for these special loved-ones in your life. Guest designer Cindy Blekas shares this card featuring unlikely friends. These super cute pals are from the Bella and Friends stamp set. Learn more by visiting Cindy's blog here. Karla Anders created a cheerful "Thanks for being a great friend" card using flowers from the Sale-A-Bration stamp set, Avant Garden.

See Karla's work on her blog here.

Next up is Debbie Naylor with a beautiful sympathy card for a friend. She used the Birthday Blooms stamp set with rich colors. Hop over to her blog here for all the details. In Govea v. Starboard Cruise Service, Inc. , the court denied the challenge, and provided some pointers on constitutional challenges. In Appellate Lessons, Explanation, Contrition, Persistence, I noted that "lawyers rely upon rulings in one case, with an expectation that other similar cases will be decided in a similar manner. " In other words, it is practical and efficient to learn from the cases others have prosecuted or defended. In Govea, the recovering worker sought benefits, and did not prevail. The District Court affirmed. There was little discussion from the Court of the particular costs in this case. Gloria Phifer Today, I am joining the bloggers of FMF.

today it is "Embrace.

" The word "embrace" conjures up thoughts of hugs,and happiness. But in life there are many things and circumstances we do not want to, or do not know how to embrace. I think one of my biggest challenges was to learn to love myself. To embrace who I am. It was the words I heard as I was growing up, and the actions that made me think negatively about who I was. Some changes came right away. These words say it all! May God Bless every living thing and guide us to support all that are less fortunate. THIS FRIDAY. I don't know how many folks read it or paid attention to it but it is filled to the brim with amazing information!!! If you read it and understand it and I mean all the details you will see that it is amazing! The information in it goes hand in hand with the information in the book How To Use Your God Power by Richard McKim Jr. who is our own One Who Knows. In contemplating the information it has proven to be exactly what I needed to move forward in my education on manifesting. It has given me a new confidence and understanding on the process of manifesting that I did not have before and as I have thought about it and shared the information with my wife and others close to me my understanding has expanded to a point that I no longer wonder IF this is going to happen. I am now secure in my confidence that it is already a done deal and all I am waiting for is the money to be in my bank account.

It is amazing how once you arrive at that place of "knowing" that your manifestation is a done deal the stress and anxiety just disappear.

This is how I understand it. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Everyone you meet there is an open book. You know who they are instantly and can read their momentum/level of attainment as well. Our stories are interesting and a great source of amusement upstairs, We get together and even act out some of them and have a great laugh. Whether you are an Earth Graduate or still on the karmic wheel, every constructive thing you do, think feel etc adds to your momentum in your Causal Body of Light. We are right in the middle of two eclipses and we can feel that something major is changing. .