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Custom Engravable Stainless Steel Pet Bowl with and Non-Skid Base - Size:16 cm (*Personalize your pet name product is engravable) -1PK

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It was a good episode and I think folks will enjoy it once it goes live, likely by tomorrow sometime.

Podcasting is kind of a weird deal, but I guess some folks do get in to it all.

I enjoy recording them, but I will say that I am not necessarily a huge podcast consumer. I do listen to a few out there from time to time. I'm a stock car racing fan from way, way back, so my favorite podcast is the Dirty Mo Radio's "Dale Jr. My Dad used to be involved in auto racing, so that's where I got the bug. But as far as cycling podcasts go, I don't regularly listen to anything anymore since the "FredCast" went dark a year or more ago. Happy Friday! This week I've shared a ton of opportunities for professional development - webinars, publications, and really great conferences. Today's freebie will help you plan and track all of your professional development efforts. These Professional Development Plans are not only helpful, they're also cute. That's important because your PD Plan should be something that you want to post and look at every day. I was late in the game to appreciate the amazing recipes over at OhSheGlows. Within just a few recipes, I was smitten. Over the years I have made and loved and shared so many recipes from The OSG Cookbook and from her blog. So, I was super stoked to have the opportunity to review her second book: Oh She Glows Every Day ! I made lots of goodies from this beautiful book. Centotrentesima puntata. Dall'arrivo all'ingresso in Cattedrale. Tra queste le cave di Caolino e le terme di San Calogero. I.


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The full documentary is now available online to all.

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We found this little table many years ago at a yard sale. It had two sections that could be raised, lowered, or tilted. I took the smaller section off because its mechanism wasn't working. But the table was also really dinged up and way too small for me to spread out my books and writing stuff at the same time. I had been wanting to try my hand at furniture restoration, so this table was my first victim.

I decided to keep the base and replace the top.

I went to Lowe's bought a piece of pine that was the right size for my new top. From DNA Info:A city air pollution inspector was busted for soliciting a bribe from a Brooklyn construction site after threatening to impose a stop work order, officials said Wednesday. .