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From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe: After several weeks of silence from the local Bigfoots, we have a new witness report from my friend, Coralee. In this video, Coralee shares her recent experience, up the trail, where she heard an amazing and unmistakable vocalization, as well as another account, from the same area, she experienced this last spring. Then we finish off with a little bonus footage at the end. When you are watching the RODEOHOUSTON parade today, look for our Mounted Patrol horses. They will be wearing new "hoofies"' in honor of HPD officers Jose Munoz and Ronny Cortez who were wounded earlier this week trying to apprehend a burglary suspect. Alta just made this very nice concept street tracker.

Looking at the rider pic it seems to be crazy low in the front, looks wrong somehow, but the rest of the bike super fresh.

What gravel looks like, for reference.

Many of you that have been reading the blog here know that I have been writing reviews on things for a long time for different sites.

Exiwolfs, I believe they were. Since then, I've ridden so many different tires I could not possibly remember them all. That is to say, I've ridden my fair share of tires, and there are a few things that make a tire "good" in general. You can guess the first thing- weight. No one wants to spin up a big, heavy tire, especially up a long grade. The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle And thousands of years later, here we are. still in the same place. The measure, sponsored by Representative Daniel Ortiz, an independent legislator from Ketchikan, and co-sponsored by Rep. We already have the replacement RP-TNC plug. co. Like law firm attorneys, in-house counsel face many ethical and professionalism challenges in their daily practices. And like law firm attorneys, in-house counsel are subject to the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct. However many of the Rules often seem inapplicable to those practicing in-house. This online course seeks to bridge the gap between perception and reality, and answer ethical and professionalism questions in-house counsel face every day. This jewel-toned drake has been livingin the Brooklyn Botanic Gardenfor a few years now. courtesy of on. Boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming again gave away big lai see. Leads Max Zhang Jin, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Endy Chow Kwok Yin and others posed for photos with the team. Zhang Jin stated that it was the first time that he went to a street stall. "Normally I would go to coffee shops and markets, but it really is the first time I am at such a large Hong Kong style street stall. It's very authentic and very interesting. " At the banquet, Zhang Jin also revealed that this shoot felt particularly long. Zhang Jin went to every table to toast the team and pose for photos. He was a "blue baby" now we know what that means. It was the first sign that he had Alpha One Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Back then they didn't know about such things and just called him a "blue baby.

Typical boy into everything and had to try everything at least once or twice. His Mom used to make him a birthday dinner, he always asked for shrimp, there was a french fryer in the basement especially for french fries or shrimp. Harrison Williams is the best dressed woman in town?" Cole Porter When you start writing about people suddenly you are scouring ebay for photographs of them— I obsessed a bit. Cecil Beaton's portrait of Mona and Harrison Williams is on the cover. , where they are vacationing. "The Great Pumpkin!". Add a few from dots between the decoupage layers and all that is left to do is add some decorations if you want to! See the layers? So fun and love the dimension! Happy Stamping! Supplies: InLinkz. Can you spot Rabbit Burns, at the site of the Rabi Burns mausoleum? Burns had a total of twelve children by four women, including nine by his wife Jean Armour. Seven of his children were illegitimate. Burns wrote a poem for 'Andrew'. Epistle to a Young Friend. Burns wrote: Address to a Haggis Was haggis a metaphor for penis? Burns wrote: My Harry Was A Gallant Gay Rabbie Burns had his reputed homosexual relationship. Spring really is just around the corner. I've got ambitious plans for when the weather warms. Painting outdoor furniture. Building more raised beds. Flowers and vegetables and herbs. But I like winter. Spring can take it's time. -dana. Gerry Conway's script for "Rampage!" ain't too shabby either, with cool REH-esque villains and lots of action. Scotland. Of all the places to vacation, why would anyone choose SCOTLAND?! I mean really, what's there. nothing but big mountains, so many lakes, old buildings, and people who talk without filters. big BEAUTIFUL mountains, so many AMAZING lakes. Thank you for guiding this discussion tonight. thank you for revealing the Plans you have for us. This post contains affiliate links Here's a quick look at how to make some chocolate leaves. I actually used candy melts for these, but real chocolate would taste better! Make sure to temper the chocolate correctly if you use the real thing so that you avoid the dusty-looking bloom on them when they cool off. Start with some leaf presses or veiners, or some real rose or lemon leaves. It's best to use leaves that have no pesticides on them if you use real ones. Using a clean paintbrush, paint a layer of the chocolate onto the BACK of the leaf. You want to use the backs so that the veining shows up the right way when you take the chocolate off after it cools off. Put the painted leaves on a piece of waxed paper to allow them to set up. Using a leaf veiner is the same process. e. /usr/share/inkscape/extensions After starting Inkscape up again, and creating a design. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Hey there my fellow blood and gore fans. Time to bring out your creepy iron masks and passports, cause we are heading for Polish country. Our story begins with a couple, Carmen and Marcus, heading for break-up town cause Carmen is so focused on her journalist job. Wanting to do something that is considered serious writing, she learns about a local guy who had gone missing in Poland. She and her intern, Sara, take up the case, and with Marcus, goes to the last place the missing man was seen, a small village called Alvania. As they wonder around they see what looks to be a thick fog cloud in the forest. As they head towards it they are stopped by the villagers who insist that they leave. That doesn't stop them though as they find another way to the fog. This is a great piece by Victor Davis Hanson. It analyzes the Never Trumpers, on the Left and the Right, and their extremism.

He discusses the consequences of subverting the president of the United States, the talk of coup, impeachment, and assassination.

"If true, that.

would mean that elements of the fed government are now actively opposing the duly elected #POTUS.

". If you saw the movie War Room, then you saw an amazing movie about prayer. It was outstanding! Karen Abercrombie played Mrs. Clara, the older lady in the movie. That performance by her was just amazing. A church in our area hosted her last night. She was dressed in the character from the movie and spoke in character for an hour. I was spellbound. Such a powerful message on life. She gave a performance that started went through so many Biblical stories and the message just spelled out keys for a life following God. Melt clarified butter in a deep skillet over medium-high heat then add lamb to the pan.

Begin browning the lamb using a wooden spoon to break up into bite-sized pieces.

Remove pan from the heat and stir in the pine nuts. Check for seasoning and adjust accordingly. Spoon warm lamb and pine nut mixture over the hummus and sprinkle with fresh parsley. Lisa Howard of Local Pottery made my sink and tiles many moons ago. Today I believe God's love nudged me in a strong way. As I approached Lent, I recalled previous seasons feeling like I flunked it. I would make a lot of resolutions and then I wouldn't be able to do everything I wanted to. But God in His faithfulness isn't holding a score card. He is truly wonderful and His mercy is without limit. I believe God was telling me something. How's all that "Logic" working out for everyone?This is a VERY BIG WEEK ahead. IGNORE IT!All these time lines, deadlines, promises, history of the past, treaties, agreements, supposed FACTS, etc. which pertains to EVERY Printed News Article you ever read from EVERYONE. It's supposed to know better - be better - to help us better. Does it help viewers? Well, because of mistakes, you can't really trust it, and that's a big problem. ? Not even one person doing this but a whole group? I would've gone back to the dorms and sobbed if I were Tzuyu. Article: Sandara Park breaks down in tears after finding out about Thunder's hidden camera. Contemporary corporate boards play a critical role in overseeing strategy, advising management, and monitoring performance. .