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For more artworks by Sol LeWitt, see "Squares and Stripes. " Photos by I. Peterson. From Swamp Dweller on youtube: Last week via live stream we asked you all to send in your stories! here they are! A scary demon attacks kids in a locker room! A terrifying up close encounter with a willowisp! Sleep paralysis and haunted asylums!. Tim Fasano finds something interesting at a bigfoot sighting location.

A log tat has been pushed by something.

Was it bigfoot?. My blogging will continue, even if intermittently. You may notice the absence of politics for the next while. Here is why. It is Lent. During Lent I also want to give up something else for the sake of the Earth. Read on. ALCUNE DELLE NOSTRE OFFERTE: PER VISUALIZZARE TUTTE LE OFFERTE CLICCARE SUL PLAY . Il video.

You think it's one thing, but then it slips through your fingers, bites you, and laughs maniacally as it runs away.

But you probably already know all about them. A. Bowlby argued that the ability for an individual to form attachments later in life, be that familial, romantic, or friendship is affected by whether or not that individual formed a strong attachment to a primary caregiver in early childhood. My thesis uses Bowlby's theory as a critical lens to examine three novels by the Brontës: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë.

Wuthering Heights demonstrates the cyclical nature of damaged attachments and works to find a way to break from that cycle.

Jane Eyre gives a clear understanding of an individual's lifelong struggle with failed attachments and the importance of a balanced power dynamic to forming healthy attachments, and, finally, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall examines how even properly formed, healthy parent-child attachments can lead to development problems, if the power granted to those parental attachment figure is not used responsibly. I further theorize that we can use these novels as a starting point to discuss how we might define attachment narratives as a genre, as they hold many similarities with more clearly defined modern attachment narratives. A. Domenica mattina. in diretta dalla Palma. According to a statement from the Texas Highway Patrol, a trooper was treated and released from ETMC-Tyler Wednesday, Mar. Authorities say it happened near the Mary Martin Drive in Dogwood city. Continua ad imperversare il maltempo nelle Eolie, nonostante un pallido solicello che sta facendo capolino da qualche ora. Un'altro Lipari con Salina e viceversa. Entrambi sono approdati a Punta Scaliddi Dal molo delle navi di Sottomonastero il mare in tempesta ha spezzato le catene che "ancoravano" uno dei grossi palloni parabordo. Technology, outsourcing, pro-­se filings and forms, and many other trends and forces are changing the way people use the law and the way lawyers think about how they practice. Lawyers who want to not only survive but thrive in this new landscape – and make sure they do so ethically – must understand these emerging trends. Lawyers who attend this webinar will learn about:Unbundling: What rules apply to unbundling and limited scope representation and how can lawyers use these tools effectively and ethically? Cloud services: A few bar associations have issued opinions on how to use cloud services ethically. What are these rules? What is the cloud? How can lawyers use it? Social media: Overview of social media rules and some key ethical areas where lawyers stumble. As a judge, you will provide valuable feedback and evaluate the participants' performance. Harriet Yang feels up and rubs down Louis Cheungcourtesy of on.

Playing the "man whore" Louis Cheung Kai Cheung and Harriet Yang Sze Man will have a "tasteful" flirting scene.

Ah Chung brought Shrimp Head to a restaurant kitchen to "mess around" and told dirty jokes. Ah Chung even poked fun of Ah Tan's classic song WORDS FOR THE MOST BELOVED monologue. He said to Shrimp Head, "You remind me of a song, a careless driver and a wet tunnel.

" Shrimp Head said, "I am already wet.

A friend of mine has a sister who is undergoing extenisive treatment for cancer. Her family and friends are holding a fundraiser and as part if it there will be a silent auction. So on the design wall is a quilt I hope to finish in the next couple of days so it can be in the auction. I will finish at baby/toddler size. Cutting and sewing with the broken finger has been a challenge. Charmaine Fong will not give up singing courtesy of on. cc The third First Feature Film Initiative party and award ceremony took place yesterday. Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publishing Legislative Council member Ma Fung Kwok, director Felix Chong Man Keung, Wong Chun, actresses Charmaine Fong Ho Man and Hedwig Tam Sin Yin attended. Ma Fung Kwok said that the first FFFI higher education institution group's two winners both performed well. He looked forward to this initiative to continue to attract even more creative filmmakers with more production abilities, to achieve the goals of assisting the younger generation and promoting Hong Kong film industry's long term development goal. Fong Ho Man said that she has already attended the event twice. In his last days as president, he's bidding to strip millions of seniors of their Second Amendment rights. I wanted to do a short post, and show you my ad on Folt Bolt. What is Folt Bolt you ask? Basically an online advertising agency out of Australia. I also wanted to show you this photo of a client's husband receiving his birthday present. I love when a client takes the time to express how pleased they are with their new painting. The little girl, who is the subject of the painting, looks pretty happy too. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read .

Everywhere. All tiers. Final bank meetings concluded in SF and Reno today. Final instructions have been activated. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin signed Republic budget into law today. This is it. What if lies are not only the exact opposite of truths, but inversely, what if truth is exact opposite of a lie. Sounds simple enough, right? White is black, and black is white. Yes. Wait, it gets better. Nobody wants to open a dictionary and realize every word has intentionally been misspelled as well as all the meanings purposely mis-defined just to conceal some overarching cosmic truth that differs from ​the pretty words and definitions. That's just​ ​well​… down right evil, beyond understanding. Sister of the light and my brother of the lord I thank you both for BEING in my life on this night. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Voter fraud happens. The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show fifty-three years ago today. it's about damn time someone stood up to these purveyors of lies. When I first heard about the so-called scandalous report of Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on a bed, I didn't spend a bunch of time doing my due diligence.

Why? The reason given was Obama had slept in that very bed.

Seriously? My first funny thought was if Trump wanted to defile the bed, he would have done it himself. I already knew that Trump was a bit of clean freak. As he himself said in the presser that he just held, "I'm a germaphobe. Amazon Deals in Cell Phones and Accessories Some fabulous Amazon Deals in Arts, Crafts, and Sewing. Darlings, here are the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Diane Kordas diamond and rose-gold Star ring, at matchesfashion. Francesco Russo cutaway snakeskin ankle boots, at matchesfashion.

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This plunge takes moxie and something more.

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